Socially responsible roads perform better.

Innovation delivers resilient roads for less – now and long term. Smoother, safer roads save the planet and our wallets.

How can you take action?

Contractors & Builders

Adopt proven innovation. Save time, money and build resilience. Now.
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Owners, DOTs & Legislators

Procure with performance standards for best near- and long-term spend.
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Ensure tax dollars are spent smarter so you ride smoother, safer, sustainable roads.
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Established in 2020 as part of an intiative to raise awareness and provide a forum for action


Together we can make change. Together we can build longer lasting, resilient roadways.

What if our roads could be safer, smoother, more sustainable and better able to rebound from extreme conditions -- without increasing the cost to build and maintain? That's the big question that led a group of like-minded entities -- from business, academia and government -- to join forces as the Resilient Roads Roundtable and make change happen.

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Staying in the know...

NOAA Scientist Create Story Map On Resilient Approaches to Coastal Transportation

NOAA Scientists recently co-developed a story map on resilient approaches to coastal transportation systems and resource protection in California, highlighting insights from a unique partnership between the California Coastal Commission (Coastal Commission) and the California Department of...

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What our members have to say....

Member Allie Kelly from The Ray talks about the impact of the Resilient Roads Roundtable.....

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News You Can Use....

Interesting article our members might be interested in -



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