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What can road builders do about resilience?

For many road builders and contractors, resilience sounds like a nice idea if only it didn't cost money and disrupt traditional operations.  So, maybe later.  Actually, there are many proven materials and methods already available right now which can save contractors money, time and hassle while also improving road resilience and longevity.  Take a look at how some savvy road contractors are tackling resilience and what tools exist now to improve the bottom line and the long term strength of our roads.

1. Follow the Leaders.

AECOM, WSP, HNTB and other major transportation infrastructure builders have embraced building for resilience.  If you want to earn or sustain a leadership position among contractors, follow the resilience lead of the all-stars.

2. Adopt Proven Innovations

Road-tested (literally) products and processes that deliver better LCCA and proven performance results are easier more affordable and more productivity-enhancing than most road builders realize.  Test and adopt the best.

Perpetual pavements

Road pavements constructed backed on a specific multi-layer structural design meant to extend road life longer than 50 years without requiring major structural rehabilitation.
Learn more about perpetual pavement

Rubber modified asphalt

A road paving alternative made by blending ground-up scrap tires in an asphalt mix which can produce cost-effective, longer-lasting, environmentally friendly roads.
Read more about rubberizied asphalt


Long proven products like geogrids stabilize the ground so roads stay smoother longer and rebound more quickly from climate challenges.
Find out more about how geogrid supports resilience

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