Road Owners,

DOT Officials & Legislators


What can road owners, DOT officials and legislators do about road resilience?

For Department of Transportation officials, road owners, legislators or any public service leader with an interest in transportation:  you already know that issues of resilience are climbing the priority list of your constituents. Some think that smarter spending means paying as little as possible to get roads built or repaired. Even smarter, though, is to build prudently now and with an expectation of long-term performance and lowest lifetime cost.

1. Take a look at how some forward-thinking DOTs across America are taking up the challenge of road resilience and longevity.

2. Equip yourself with facts and ideas from policy experts.

One of the key ways to generate adoption for more resilient, longer-lasting American roads is to pursue performance guidelines for the building and maintenance of roads. More on this to come.

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